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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rorik believe about love?
(a) That love is not necessary in a marriage.
(b) That love must be earned by good deeds.
(c) That love comes naturally between a man and a woman.
(d) That love is a silly idea for weak men.

2. Which statement best describes Gerutha's attitude about marrying Horwendil?
(a) Nervous and scared.
(b) Overjoyed and excited.
(c) Calm and quiet.
(d) Reluctant and intolerant.

3. What does the situation with the songbirds reveal about Horwendil's personality?
(a) That he is passive and kind.
(b) That he is forceful and selfish.
(c) That he is sweet and romantic.
(d) That he is kind and generous.

4. What advise does Corambus give Gerutha to make her think less about her marriage?
(a) He tells her to read less and exercise more.
(b) He tells her to sleep more.
(c) He tells her to stop gossiping and be a better wife.
(d) He tells her to speak to Horwendil about her feelings.

5. What does Gerutha fear about being attracted to a man?
(a) That she will eventually become a very rich woman.
(b) That she will not be attractive to him.
(c) That she will eventually become a submissive old woman.
(d) That she will never have a career.

6. Which of the following is a name in Part 2?
(a) Claudius.
(b) Polonius.
(c) Hamlet.
(d) Geruthe.

7. The story begins in what country?
(a) France.
(b) England.
(c) Poland.
(d) Denmark.

8. What does Gerutha notice about Rorik's face as he gives her his blessing?
(a) She notices that he has a strange scar.
(b) She notices that he appears lonely.
(c) She notices that he looks happy for her.
(d) She notices that he looks tired and sick.

9. Gerutha feels that her feelings for Amleth are inadequate as a mother. What does she believe is the source of this?
(a) Gerutha thinks it is because Amleth was a difficult child.
(b) Gerutha does not know and is confused with her feelings.
(c) Gerutha believes it is because Horwedil is cold emotionally.
(d) Gerutha believes it is because she doesn´t love Horwendil.

10. What other event occurs on the same day Gerutha gives birth?
(a) Horwendil defeats and kills Fortinbras of Norway.
(b) Rorik dies.
(c) Horwendil leaves Gerutha for another woman.
(d) Horwendil becomes king.

11. What is unfair about how Rorik treats Horwendil compared to how he treats Feng?
(a) Rorik allows Feng to hunt with his horses during the their visit.
(b) Rorik pays Horwendil double the money of Feng, although the brothers completed the same service.
(c) Rorik gives Horwendil a larger manor than Feng when the brothers come to visit.
(d) Rorik allows Feng to visit Gerutha more than Horwendil.

12. What does Corambus say about Amleth's moodiness?
(a) That perhaps he is unbalanced or addled in the brain.
(b) That Amleth is very weak and so he is moody.
(c) That perhaps they are just roles he is trying on for size.
(d) That Amleth is an angry boy and he show it as moodiness.

13. Why is the importance of displaying the bloody bed sheet?
(a) It proves that any son born by Gerutha is from Horwendil.
(b) It means that Horwendil is having an affair.
(c) It means that Gerutha is sick.
(d) It proves that Gerutha was not a virgin.

14. Who is Ljot related to?
(a) Rorik.
(b) Svend.
(c) Thord.
(d) Ophelia.

15. How does Horwendil respond to Gerutha's thorniness?
(a) He becomes angry and violent.
(b) He is amused.
(c) He becomes frusterated and leaves her.
(d) He loves her more.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Gerutha when the story begins?

2. What did Gerutha want to name her son?

3. Why does Gerutha use the phrase ". . . no woman wants to be a mere piece of furniture, to be bartered for and then sat upon?"

4. Which character is the most emotionally distant?

5. Why are there Christian priests in Jutland?

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