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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Feng leave Denmark?
(a) To flee his angry brother.
(b) To study in a university.
(c) To escape the temptation of Gerutha.
(d) To battle in other countries.

2. Who is Magrit married to?
(a) Sandro.
(b) Rorik.
(c) Feng.
(d) Corambus.

3. What words best describe Gerutha as a wife?
(a) Good, compliant, and gracious.
(b) Angry, thorny, and disrespectful.
(c) Sad, quiet, and sulky.
(d) Happy, bubbly, and talkative.

4. How do Gerutha and Feng usually pass their time together?
(a) In games of chess or cards.
(b) Hunting or riding.
(c) In conversations of topics that interest them both.
(d) Eating and drinking.

5. Why don't Gerutha and Horwendil have more children?
(a) They try, but Gerutha is unable to get pregnant.
(b) They can't afford to have more children.
(c) Gerutha does not want more children.
(d) Horwendil does not want more children.

6. What words best describe Amleth as a baby and child?
(a) Energetic and sunny.
(b) Happy and simple.
(c) Quiet and slow.
(d) Sickly and disagreeable.

7. Who is Ljot related to?
(a) Rorik.
(b) Svend.
(c) Ophelia.
(d) Thord.

8. What word best describes Feng´s feelings toward his bother Horwendil?
(a) Love.
(b) Hatred.
(c) Anger.
(d) Pity.

9. What does Horwendil talk about on the trip after their wedding?
(a) He talks about how he will make a great king.
(b) He talks about who was and was not at their wedding.
(c) He talks about how beautiful Gerutha is.
(d) He talks about how fun the party was.

10. What does Corambus say about Amleth's moodiness?
(a) That perhaps he is unbalanced or addled in the brain.
(b) That Amleth is an angry boy and he show it as moodiness.
(c) That perhaps they are just roles he is trying on for size.
(d) That Amleth is very weak and so he is moody.

11. How is Feng different with Gerutha than with other women?
(a) With Gerutha he is hot tempered and violent.
(b) With Gerutha he is hasty and rude.
(c) With Gerutha he is a wild flirt.
(d) With Gerutha he is well-behaved and attentive.

12. Why does Gerutha's back hurt during her wedding day?
(a) Because her dress is very heavy and she is wearing many jewels.
(b) Because she hurt herself horseback riding.
(c) Beacuse she had to sleep on the floor the night before.
(d) Because she hurt herself dancing.

13. Where do the names in Part 3 of the story come from?
(a) From John Updike's sources.
(b) From an old English reprint of the second edition.
(c) From Shakespeare's previous drama, since the story is a sequel.
(d) From the source used by Shakespeare, which was probably German in origin.

14. Why does Gerutha feel snubbed by Horwendil on their wedding night?
(a) Because Horwendil did not want to sleep next to her.
(b) Because Horwendil did not dance with her.
(c) Because Horwendil did not take an interest in her sexually.
(d) Because Horwendil did not want to talk to her.

15. Why does Gerutha use the phrase ". . . no woman wants to be a mere piece of furniture, to be bartered for and then sat upon?"
(a) To insult Horwendil's intelligence.
(b) To explain to her father her feelings about being promised to Horwendil.
(c) To state her opinion of Horwendil.
(d) To clearify her feelings about bar stools.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the important event that occurs in the springtime for Gerutha.

2. How does Rorik respond to his daughter´s strong opinion of marriage?

3. What is made clear about Horwendil's intentions with Gerutha?

4. Which word best describes Horwendil's behavior with the songbirds that he has given Gerutha?

5. How is Amleth like his father?

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