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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Section 1 (page 79 to 92).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Gerutha and Horwendil go immediately after their wedding?
(a) To Elsinore.
(b) To Feng's house because he missing the wedding.
(c) To Odinsheim, Horwedil's home.
(d) To Horwendil's manor next to Elsinore.

2. What did Geruthe realize about the falcon once it was too late?
(a) That she did not value the falcon until it was gone.
(b) That she let the bird get sick.
(c) That the bird was violent.
(d) That the bird was not worth any money.

3. Why does Horvendil disapprove of Geruthe´s suggestion for their son's future wife?
(a) Horvendil thinks she is selfish and vain.
(b) Horvendil thinks she is too outspoken.
(c) Horvendil thinks she is dramatic and unstable.
(d) Horvendil thinks she is shy and dull.

4. What does Corambus say about Amleth's moodiness?
(a) That perhaps they are just roles he is trying on for size.
(b) That Amleth is very weak and so he is moody.
(c) That Amleth is an angry boy and he show it as moodiness.
(d) That perhaps he is unbalanced or addled in the brain.

5. What is Gerutha's explanation for spending so much time with Feng?
(a) That she feels badly for him since he often sulks in loneliness.
(b) That she is Feng's only company, since Horwendil is often busy.
(c) That she helps Feng to study German.
(d) That she simply is concerned for his health.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Magrit married to?

2. Which statement best describes Gerutha's attitude about marrying Horwendil?

3. The story begins in what country?

4. What happened to Gerutha´s mother, Ona, when Gertrude was three years old?

5. Who was missing from Gerutha and Horwendil's wedding that upsets Horwendil?

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