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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Chaval almost instantly dislike Etienne?

2. Why is the innkeeper friendly with Etienne?

3. Why did the Grégoires refuse to help the miners?

4. How many members of the Maheu family work in the mines?

5. For what does Maheu get scolded by his boss?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the Jean-Bart miners face on the surface?

2. What does Lantier talk to Deneulin about and what are the results?

3. What do the women of the community try to get from Maigrat?

4. What do Etienne and Catherine decide to do after the tragedy?

5. What happens to Etienne as he works in the mines, as far as his job is concerned?

6. Why do Chaval and Etienne not get along?

7. How is Chaval feeling about Catherine and Lantier with Etienne living there and what does he do about it?

8. What happens outside the mine after the mine is flooded?

9. Where does Etienne move in August and why?

10. How do the Grégoires repond to La Maheude's request for help?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

By befriending a soldier, Lantier discovers he (Lantier) is not that different from the people against whom he is fighting. Both men share hopes, dreams and memories; both wish for the same kind of life and in the end, they can only be differentiated by the master they serve.

1. Do you think this statement could be true in any situation where one person or group of persons consider another an enemy? Use an example from the text and from life now in the United States to illustrate this statement.

2. If two enemies were placed in a room and had to stay together for one month without fighting do you think they would be enemies at the end of that month? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The first chapter also introduces the "monster," which is the huge cone-like structure set over the pit that is described as a beast ready to eat the men that slave for it.

1. How did you feel about the mine from the way Zola described it?

2. Using metaphors and analogy describe the mine as Zola sees it.

3. Why do you think Zola used metaphors in his descriptions?

Essay Topic 3

The implosion of the Voreux signifies the death of the starving monster. In a single strike of irony, the water flowing in the veins of the earth drowns the man-made hell.

1. What do you think this statement means?

2. What kind of picture do you see when you read Zola's descriptions of the undamaged and damaged mine?

Use examples from the text to illustrate your discussion.

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