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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maheu ask of Hennebeau?
(a) to be made a supervisor in the mine
(b) for money to feed his family
(c) to join the union
(d) justice and for bread every day

2. Who do the women go to for food?
(a) Deneulin
(b) the church
(c) Chaval
(d) Maigrat

3. What is one of the mines left working after the strike has spread?
(a) Jean-Bart
(b) Tappier-Jack
(c) Voreiux
(d) Utopedia

4. Where does Etienne see Jeanlin go one evening?
(a) to Denneulin
(b) to the Hennebeaus'
(c) to Chaval
(d) through a hidden hole

5. What does Pluchart say are the union's goals?
(a) the emancipation of the workers
(b) to destroy the mines
(c) to help all people, rich and poor
(d) to make everyone rich

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Lantier try to convince Deneulin?

2. Why is the meeting of the miners and Lantier stopped early?

3. What happens to Maigrat when he runs from the miners?

4. What do the miners decide to do about Jean-Bart?

5. Where does Lantier hide?

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