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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the women go to for food?
(a) Chaval
(b) Deneulin
(c) Maigrat
(d) the church

2. How do the soldiers respond to the miners?
(a) shoot at them
(b) fire in the air
(c) push back
(d) ignore them

3. Why do the miners sign up with the union?
(a) they think the union will bring down the rich
(b) they have no where else to turn
(c) they think the union will feed them
(d) they believe Pluchart's speech

4. During the last part of the strike what are many of the miners' children doing?
(a) vandalizing the managers' homes
(b) destroying the town
(c) attacking the rich children
(d) looking for activities that will feed them

5. Why is it difficult for the miners to get out of the Jean-Bart mine when the cables are cut?
(a) the tunnel is flooded
(b) the safety ladders are destroyed
(c) the number of miners
(d) the carts are destroyed

6. Why is life at the Maheus so difficult?
(a) Catherine is dying
(b) LaMaheude is crippled
(c) no food or heat
(d) Bonnemorte has died

7. How much do the miners' actions at the Jean-Bart mine affect work there?
(a) it doesn't affect it
(b) it is now impossible
(c) it slows work down
(d) it means the work force has to double

8. When is the provident fund started by Etienne empty?
(a) in January
(b) by November
(c) by March
(d) by December

9. What happens to Alzire?
(a) he dies
(b) he becomes disabled
(c) he goes back to work
(d) he gets better

10. Whose life does Lantier save when the Montsou miners are angry at Jean-Bart?
(a) Deneulin
(b) Chaval
(c) Bonnemort
(d) Catherine

11. Why do the miners follow Lantier as a leader?
(a) he is a college graduate
(b) they agree with his ideas
(c) he makes great speeches
(d) he is from a wealthy family

12. How does Etienne help Jeanlin?
(a) teaching him to read
(b) giving him food
(c) to cover up his actions
(d) giving him a place to live

13. What does Etienne ask Catherine?
(a) that she move in with him
(b) that she start back to work
(c) that she kill Chaval
(d) for some money

14. By January, what problem do the striking miners face?
(a) owners destroying the mines
(b) cold and hunger
(c) thugs beating them up
(d) lack of sunshine

15. What promise to Etienne does Chaval break?
(a) to help feed the Maheus
(b) to let go of Catherine
(c) to help Jeanlin
(d) to keep the Jean-Bart miners from working

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rasseneur feel about the strike?

2. Where does Etienne see Jeanlin go one evening?

3. Who does the owner of the Jean-Bart mine convince to stop the strike?

4. What do the miners do when the Grégoires pull up to the Hennebeaus' house?

5. How do the miners leave if the cable is cut?

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