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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what hereditary disease does Etienne suffer?
(a) weak bones
(b) diabetes
(c) Huntingdon
(d) alcoholism

2. What happens to Etienne's relationship with Catherine when he moves into her home?
(a) it gets stronger
(b) nothing
(c) it falls apart
(d) it becomes physical

3. Who is the Voreux's manager?
(a) Mr. Hennebeau
(b) Mr. LaFatette
(c) Deneulin
(d) Jeanlin

4. Where does Etienne go to rent a room?
(a) Le Voreux
(b) the Jolly Fellow
(c) the Advantage
(d) Marchiennes

5. What does Bonnemort mean?
(a) good luck
(b) bad future
(c) sturdy man
(d) good death

6. What is the house number where Bonnemort lives?
(a) number 24
(b) number 16
(c) number 18
(d) number 33

7. Who is the overman who hires Étienne Lantier?
(a) Phillipe
(b) Dom Gernera
(c) Danseart
(d) Jaques

8. Where does Chaval go when the miners strike?
(a) to the Jean-Bart pit
(b) to England
(c) to LaSalle
(d) to Paris

9. Why is La Maheude upset about her family?
(a) they won't listen to her
(b) she doesn't have the money to feed them
(c) they are leaving home
(d) they all work in the mine

10. What does Souvarine think is the solution to the miners' problems?
(a) total destruction of everything
(b) banding together
(c) working harder
(d) prayer

11. Why do the supervisors fine the Maheu team?
(a) for talking too much
(b) for stopping work before lunch
(c) for faulty timbering
(d) for not meeting the daily quota

12. How does Léon Grégoire make his money?
(a) he's a banker
(b) he's a trader
(c) from the mine profits
(d) from the grocery store

13. What is a ducasse?
(a) a card game
(b) a local fair
(c) a board game
(d) a type of duel

14. How does Etienne become a good hewer?
(a) he studies a book
(b) Bonnemort takes him under his wing
(c) advice and help from Catherine
(d) Chaval teaches him

15. Why is Deneulin failing in his business?
(a) he lacks management skills
(b) he has lazy workers
(c) his accountant steals from him
(d) he is stupid

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Etienne hear talking as he walks?

2. Who is Léon Grégoire?

3. Who is Souvarine?

4. How do the other miners see Etienne at work?

5. What do the miners decide to do when the company lowers their pay?

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