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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Voreux's manager?
(a) Deneulin
(b) Mr. LaFatette
(c) Mr. Hennebeau
(d) Jeanlin

2. What is the new capitalistic trend concerning money?
(a) give money to poor people
(b) put the capital to work and maximize profit
(c) put the money in a bank
(d) invest in speculation

3. Why is Bonnemort delaying his retirement?
(a) he wants to keep his grandchildren safe
(b) to earn more money for retirement
(c) he has too many children to feed
(d) he likes working

4. Why do the miners hate the supervisors?
(a) they don't work much
(b) they have more money than the miners
(c) they hit the miners with whips
(d) they're mean and fine them too much

5. How many members of the Maheu family work in the mines?
(a) seven
(b) four
(c) two
(d) five

6. About what do Etienne and Souvarine talk?
(a) the future of the workers
(b) how to be a good hewer
(c) escaping the mines and going to Paris
(d) how to make money

7. Why can't Bonnemort work inside the Voreux anymore?
(a) his leg is broken
(b) he is sick and disabled
(c) he is not able to think due to a brain injury
(d) he is too old

8. Who brings in friends from Paris to see the mining town?
(a) Moretie
(b) the Grégoires
(c) Mrs. Hennebeau
(d) Deneulin

9. How do the mine owners lower the workers' pay in October?
(a) disguises it as a new mode of payment due
(b) adds new fines
(c) adds new taxes
(d) makes the carts larger

10. Who is the overman who hires Étienne Lantier?
(a) Phillipe
(b) Jaques
(c) Dom Gernera
(d) Danseart

11. Who goes with Chaval when he leaves the Voreux?
(a) Jeanlin
(b) Catherine
(c) Souvarine
(d) Zacharie

12. Why is Deneulin failing in his business?
(a) he has lazy workers
(b) he lacks management skills
(c) his accountant steals from him
(d) he is stupid

13. Who does Etienne hear talking as he walks?
(a) Chaval and Catherine
(b) Jeanlin and Coltier
(c) La Maheude and Bonnemort
(d) Jacques and Catherine

14. What does Bonnemort tell Etienne about a job at the mine?
(a) that they need a mechanic
(b) he could be a supervisor
(c) there's no opening for a mechanic
(d) there's lots of work

15. What happens in the Maheu family as the strike is called?
(a) they are fighting among themselves
(b) it is getting smaller
(c) it is getting poorer
(d) they steal more food

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chaval do as Etienne is getting ready to kiss Catherine?

2. Why does Bonnemort go outside to cough when the visitors are there?

3. How do the visitors treat the people in the village?

4. How do the other miners see Etienne at work?

5. Where does Etienne Lantier arrive the night at the beginning of the novel?

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