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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many grandchildren does Bonnemort have?
(a) four
(b) ten
(c) nine
(d) seven

2. What does Deneulin ask of Gregoire?
(a) to invest in Gregoire's mine
(b) to borrow money
(c) to marry his daughter
(d) to pay for Deneulin's schooling

3. Where did Léon Grégoire get his money?
(a) inheritance
(b) stealing
(c) good investments
(d) from his wife

4. Where does Chaval go when the miners strike?
(a) to Paris
(b) to the Jean-Bart pit
(c) to England
(d) to LaSalle

5. Who does Etienne hear talking as he walks?
(a) La Maheude and Bonnemort
(b) Jeanlin and Coltier
(c) Jacques and Catherine
(d) Chaval and Catherine

6. Where does Etienne Lantier arrive the night at the beginning of the novel?
(a) America
(b) the Voreux mining pit
(c) Marsellies
(d) Paris

7. What is the house number where Bonnemort lives?
(a) number 18
(b) number 24
(c) number 33
(d) number 16

8. What does Etienne tell the miners he wants to fight?
(a) pay raises
(b) poor conditions
(c) the mines closing
(d) capitalism

9. How do the visitors treat the people in the village?
(a) with irritation
(b) with surface politeness
(c) with kindness
(d) with aloofness

10. Why is La Maheude upset about her family?
(a) they all work in the mine
(b) they won't listen to her
(c) they are leaving home
(d) she doesn't have the money to feed them

11. What does Etienne suggest the workers create?
(a) a different shift system
(b) a health plan
(c) a provident fund
(d) a way to rotate workers

12. Why do the supervisors fine the Maheu team?
(a) for not meeting the daily quota
(b) for stopping work before lunch
(c) for faulty timbering
(d) for talking too much

13. Who is Deneulin?
(a) Catherine's boyfriend
(b) Grégoire's cousin
(c) a miner in Voreux
(d) the manager of the mine

14. Why was Etienne fired from his previous job?
(a) being too friendly with the owner's daughter
(b) political activity
(c) hitting a supervisor
(d) drinking on the job

15. Why is the innkeeper friendly with Etienne?
(a) Etienne buys everyone drinks
(b) he likes new people
(c) he has money
(d) he knows Pluchart

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Chaval believe he owns Catherine?

2. What do the miners decide to do when the company lowers their pay?

3. For what is Etienne hired?

4. How does Léon Grégoire make his money?

5. What is Leon Grégoire's biggest concern in life?

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