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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bonnemort mean?
(a) good luck
(b) bad future
(c) sturdy man
(d) good death

2. What type of work does Bonnemort do for the mine?
(a) carter
(b) picker
(c) runs the cable
(d) tends the horses

3. How do the other miners see Etienne at work?
(a) as lazy
(b) as too hard working
(c) as an educated person
(d) as stupid

4. What does Souvarine think is the solution to the miners' problems?
(a) total destruction of everything
(b) prayer
(c) banding together
(d) working harder

5. Why can't Bonnemort work inside the Voreux anymore?
(a) he is not able to think due to a brain injury
(b) he is sick and disabled
(c) his leg is broken
(d) he is too old

6. Why was Etienne fired from his previous job?
(a) hitting a supervisor
(b) political activity
(c) being too friendly with the owner's daughter
(d) drinking on the job

7. Who is Zacharie?
(a) Etienne's cousin
(b) the oldest Maheu child
(c) Chaval's brother
(d) a young street vendor

8. Who is Souvarine?
(a) a Russian anarchist
(b) Etienne's team leader
(c) Catherine's boyfriend
(d) Chaval's brother

9. For what is Etienne hired?
(a) as a carpenter
(b) as a loader
(c) as a horse tender
(d) as a hewer

10. What does Etienne create with advice from his friend Pluchart?
(a) a workers' union
(b) a new way to hew
(c) a new pay system
(d) a new system of managment

11. What happens to Jeanlin in the accident in November in the mine?
(a) nothing
(b) he is killed
(c) he is crippled
(d) he is injured

12. Why is La Maheude upset about her family?
(a) they won't listen to her
(b) they all work in the mine
(c) she doesn't have the money to feed them
(d) they are leaving home

13. What does Chaval do as Etienne is getting ready to kiss Catherine?
(a) dumps water on Etienne
(b) slips between them
(c) pulls Catherine away
(d) hits Etienne

14. Why did the Grégoires refuse to help the miners?
(a) they believe God doesn't want them to
(b) they hate poor people
(c) they believe the miners spend their money unwisely
(d) they are almost broke themselves

15. What is the old aristocratic tradition as far as handling money?
(a) spend a lot of money for status
(b) let someone else handle your money
(c) don't worry about money
(d) use capital wisely and moderately

Short Answer Questions

1. How many members of the Maheu family work in the mines?

2. How does Etienne become a good hewer?

3. When did Bonnemort begin working in the mine?

4. Who goes with Chaval when he leaves the Voreux?

5. Who is Deneulin?

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