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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the innkeeper friendly with Etienne?
(a) he has money
(b) he knows Pluchart
(c) Etienne buys everyone drinks
(d) he likes new people

2. Who is Léon Grégoire?
(a) the Maheus' cousin
(b) Chaval's father
(c) an important investor in the mine
(d) the night watchman

3. For what is Etienne hired?
(a) as a loader
(b) as a hewer
(c) as a carpenter
(d) as a horse tender

4. What is the atmosphere like in the Maheu household?
(a) exciting
(b) joyful
(c) hopeful
(d) sad and tired

5. What is the mining settlement called where the novel takes place?
(a) Two Hundred
(b) Verus De
(c) Two Hundred and Forty
(d) Village de Mine

6. What happens in the Maheu family as the strike is called?
(a) they are fighting among themselves
(b) it is getting poorer
(c) they steal more food
(d) it is getting smaller

7. Who does Etienne hear talking as he walks?
(a) Jacques and Catherine
(b) La Maheude and Bonnemort
(c) Jeanlin and Coltier
(d) Chaval and Catherine

8. Why does Bonnemort go outside to cough when the visitors are there?
(a) so he won't scare them
(b) so he won't be embarrassed
(c) so they don't know he's sick
(d) so he won't get anything on them

9. Why is La Maheude upset about her family?
(a) they won't listen to her
(b) they all work in the mine
(c) she doesn't have the money to feed them
(d) they are leaving home

10. What is the new capitalistic trend concerning money?
(a) put the money in a bank
(b) put the capital to work and maximize profit
(c) invest in speculation
(d) give money to poor people

11. Where does Etienne go to rent a room?
(a) Marchiennes
(b) the Jolly Fellow
(c) Le Voreux
(d) the Advantage

12. Why do the Maheus invite Etienne to live with them?
(a) they need more money
(b) Catherine wants to marry him
(c) they need help with the house
(d) the oldest child left home

13. What is the name of Bonnemort's family?
(a) the Marsades family
(b) the Dauques family
(c) the Forty family
(d) the Maheu family

14. Who is the Voreux's manager?
(a) Mr. Hennebeau
(b) Jeanlin
(c) Deneulin
(d) Mr. LaFatette

15. When did Bonnemort begin working in the mine?
(a) at 5 years old
(b) at 12 years old
(c) at 8 years old
(d) at 16 years old

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the type of people who tend to go to the Advantage?

2. What does Bonnemort mean?

3. How do the mine owners lower the workers' pay in October?

4. Who is Souvarine?

5. How many members of the Maheu family work in the mines?

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