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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part VI: Chapter 1-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the miners do at the entrance to the mine?
(a) attack the Borains
(b) destroy the cable
(c) yell curses and insults
(d) kill the soldiers

2. Why does Bonnemort go outside to cough when the visitors are there?
(a) so he won't be embarrassed
(b) so he won't scare them
(c) so they don't know he's sick
(d) so he won't get anything on them

3. With whom does Bonnemort live?
(a) no one
(b) his son
(c) his daughter
(d) his wife

4. What does Etienne suggest the workers create?
(a) a provident fund
(b) a way to rotate workers
(c) a health plan
(d) a different shift system

5. How does each supervisor or mine director get out of dealing with the miners?
(a) they claim to have no authority
(b) they get police protection
(c) they leave town
(d) they ignore them

Short Answer Questions

1. Who intervenes at the Hennebearus' to save Cécile?

2. What is one of the reasons Etienne thinks he might be working in the mine?

3. Why do the miners sign up with the union?

4. When is the provident fund started by Etienne empty?

5. Who comes to the Maheu house with food for the family?

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