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Battle - This is a name of a horse. The animal worked ten years in the mine without seeing the light of day.

Poland - This is the pet rabbit of Rasseneur. Souvarine is very attached to the animal.

Montsou Mining Company - This Company operates the coal mine of the Voreux. The company operates nineteen coal mining facilities.

International Workers Association - This association is the forerunner of the modern-day workers' unions.

The Advantage - This is the name of a tavern located between the Voreux pit and the Village Two Hundred and Forty.

Village Two Hundred and Forty - Name of the mining settlement located next to the Voreux coal mining pit; usually referred to as the "Village" in the novel.

The Volcano - This is a café located in Montsou, which offers musical entertainment.

Trumpet - This is the name of a horse...

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