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Objective: Emile Zola. Germinal is an important novel about work relationships and political movements. It was written at the end of the nineteenth century by Émile Zola, a prolific French writer of the era; it soon became a classic text everywhere around the world. The author spent nearly a year studying the world of the miners and the mechanics of social conflicts that were plaguing Europe in the middle of that century. This lesson will look at Emile Zola, the author.

1. Homework. Students will research the life of Emile Zola and write a short paper on their findings.

2. Class discussion. How did Zola's life affect his writing of this book? Why did Zola write this book? Did Zola have an agenda when he wrote this book? What events in his life may have shaped this novel?

3. Class work. Students will write a short paper explaining why or...

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