Daily Lessons for Teaching Summer of My German Soldier

Bette Greene
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Objective: Chapter 1 As the novel begins, a load of German prisoners are offloaded from a train in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II. A camp for German prisoners of war has just opened nearby. The objective of this lesson is to examine how having prisoners located so close to this rural town might affect the characters in the novel.

1. As a class, discuss the implications of having a prison camp based so close to Jenkinsville. What effect might this camp have on the residents of town? What types of interactions might the residents have with the prisoners? What fears might the residents have about the prisoners? Could there be any potential benefits to having the camp near town?

2. Twelve-year-old Patty Bergen begins to return a wave to one of the prisoners, but is stopped by a local woman. Have each student write a scene describing the incident...

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