Summer of My German Soldier Fun Activities

Bette Greene
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Newspaper Headlines

How might the arrival of a trainload of German prisoners affect the little town of Jenkinsville? Create a newspaper headline and article to describe the prisoners' arrival and the reaction of the townspeople.

Ruth's Portrait

Ruth is Patty's beloved black nanny and housekeeper. Create an illustration of Ruth that Patty might have made for the refrigerator.


What might Mr. Bergen's relationship with his in-laws have been like if he had been just a bit more grateful for their assistance? Create an alternate time line for Mr. Bergen. How might a little gratitude have affected his business, his family and his personal life. You may draw a physical time line, an outline, or describe your alternate time line in paragraph form.

Unspoken Rules of Society

Make a list of unspoken rules for your classroom or school society. Examine your list. How many have you broken?

Qualities of Friendship

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