Summer of My German Soldier Character Descriptions

Bette Greene
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Honey Babe - This young character harbors a prisoner of war.

Harry Bergen - This violent character has had anger issues since childhood.

Max Bergen - This good-humored character feels the importance of remembering family history.

Patty Bergen - This young character is perceived as a failure by her family.

Patricia Ann Bergen - This character is the young protagonist of the novel.

Pearl Bergen - This selfish character may be physically beautiful on the outside, but is quite ugly on the inside.

Sharon Bergen - This quiet, beautiful, and well-behaved character loves the sandbox.

Sheriff Cauldwell - This character supports the protagonist by defending that character's right to the ring.

Freddy Dowd - This kind character is considered too poor to be a suitable companion for the protagonist.

Grandma Fried - This character often gives secret gifts of money to the protagonist.

Grandpa Fried -...

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