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Jack Weatherford
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Under the kinship hierarchy, what is each linage known by?
(a) Spirit banners.
(b) Bones.
(c) Hair.
(d) Clothing.

2. How did Temjin take the throne after the important khuriltai?
(a) He was carried on a carpet above the heads of his followers.
(b) He rode his horse to the throne.
(c) He was carried one by one, by his followers, to the throne.
(d) He walked on the hands of his followers.

3. What year did the Jurched claim a new Golden Khan and demand the submission of Genghis Khan?
(a) 1210.
(b) 1206.
(c) 1200.
(d) 1215.

4. What happened to Jamuka, after the battle between the Mongols and the Naimen?
(a) Jamuka escaped, but lived as an outcast.
(b) Jamuka was accepted back into Temujin's clan, but as his subordinate.
(c) Jamuka was accepted back into Temujin's clan as his brother.
(d) Jamuka was successful.

5. What were the last words of a fallen Mongol soldier?
(a) Glory to the Great Khan.
(b) I die in glory for the Khan.
(c) All honor to Ghengis Khan.
(d) Eternal Blue Sky.

Short Answer Questions

1. When there was no time to cook, how did Mongol soldiers prepare their meat?

2. Where was Borte when Temujin raided the Merkids?

3. When a warrior dies, where does his soul go?

4. Who, in 1228, tied 400 Mongol prisoners to horses and dragged them through the streets?

5. In the Khuriltai, Genghis Khan called to discuss his succession. Who was the first son invited to speak after Genghis Khan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Jamuka offer Temujin in death?

2. Genghis Khan opened his succession khuriltai by citing a fable. Summarize the fable Genghis Khan told.

3. How did Ong Khan respond to Temujin's first khuriltai?

4. What was troublesome about Borte's first pregnancy?

5. How did Jack Weatherford begin his research?

6. In a letter from Genghis Khan to a Taoist monk in China, what was Genghis Khan's opinion of himself near the end of his life show?

7. Describe the steppe.

8. Differentiate between Genghis Khan's white banner and black banner. What did each represent, and what happened to each?

9. Describe the Ikh Khorig.

10. What revenge tactic did Jmauka employ that severely harmed his image after one of Tejumin's followers murdered one of Jamuka's kinsmen?

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