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Jack Weatherford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far did the envoy travel to see King Edward the I of England?
(a) 7,000 miles.
(b) 9,000 kilometers.
(c) 4,000 miles.
(d) 14,000 kilometers

2. Where did the Mongols discover the triangular plow?
(a) China.
(b) Europe.
(c) Southeast Asia.
(d) Persia.

3. In an effort to improve the lives of farmers and their crops, Khubilai created what office in 1261?
(a) The Council for the Fertilization of Peat.
(b) The Soil and Seed Foundation.
(c) The Office for the Stimulation of Agriculture.
(d) The Office for the Advancement of Farming.

4. What did the reliance on imported goods reflect in feudal Europe?
(a) Total normalcy.
(b) Early shopoholoicism.
(c) A failure at home.
(d) Exotic tastes.

5. "It is reported, but impossible to verify, that no ____ was censored during Khubilai's reign?"
(a) Speech.
(b) Work of art.
(c) Play.
(d) Book.

6. What river's origin did Khubilai launch an expedition to discover in 1281?
(a) The Indus River.
(b) The Euphrates River.
(c) The Yellow River.
(d) The Aras River.

7. Who wrote Decameron?
(a) Giovanni Boccaccio.
(b) Cardinal Basilios Bessarion.
(c) Poggio Bracciolini.
(d) Leon Battista Alberti.

8. What type of fiber did Khubilai wish to promote by the creation of an aptly named Bureau in 1289?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Acrylic.
(c) Silk.
(d) Paper.

9. Who was Sorkhokhtani?
(a) The ruler of Persia.
(b) The widow of Tolui and ruler of northern China and eastern Mongolia.
(c) The widow of Chaghatai and ruler of Asia and Turkestan.
(d) The ruler of Mongolia.

10. When did the Ottomans conquer Constantinople?
(a) 1453.
(b) 1543.
(c) 1353.
(d) 1443.

11. What happened if a Mongol, under Khubilai, declared bankruptcy more than two times?
(a) The rack.
(b) Possible execution.
(c) Mongols could not declare bankruptcy.
(d) Caning.

12. Who helped form the Mongol alliance with the Sung?
(a) Ogodei.
(b) Subodei.
(c) Karakorum.
(d) Jebe.

13. What land did Subodei wish to invade, when he was about sixty?
(a) Europe.
(b) India.
(c) Persia.
(d) China.

14. In 1272, Khubilai began the construction of what important building?
(a) A Chinese-style imperial capital.
(b) A library to promote literacy.
(c) A public hospital for the Chinese.
(d) An ancestral temple for his family.

15. As the Mongols' position in power began to crumble, mostly due to the lack of trade, what religion was favored by the Mongols?
(a) Shamanism.
(b) Islam.
(c) Buddhism.
(d) Christianity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year is the earliest reported Mongol presence in the French court?

2. What gem was most admired by the Mongol peoples?

3. What land did Guyuk wish to control and viewed as most important?

4. Out of approximately 500 plays from the Yuan dynasty, how many survive today?

5. What animal did the plague bacterium live in?

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