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Final Test - Easy

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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the Ottomans conquer Constantinople?
(a) 1353.
(b) 1453.
(c) 1443.
(d) 1543.

2. Throughout the Renaissance the Mongols were generally treated with adulation. However, what time period opened up a distinct anti-Asian sentiment?
(a) The Mideival Ages.
(b) The Middle Ages.
(c) The Dark Ages.
(d) The Enlightenment.

3. What year did China fall from Mongol rule?
(a) 1378.
(b) 1388.
(c) 1368.
(d) 1358.

4. What was Kerchagan?
(a) The name of Ogodei's horse.
(b) Ogodei's private residence for his family.
(c) The name of the plan to overthrow Ogodei.
(d) Ogodei's store of wine.

5. Which pope issued a papal bull in 1348, ordering the prosecution of the Jews to halt?
(a) Pope Pius III.
(b) Pope Clement VI.
(c) Pope Pius VII.
(d) Pope Clement III.

6. Where did the Mongols discover the triangular plow?
(a) Persia.
(b) China.
(c) Europe.
(d) Southeast Asia.

7. Who was Sorkhokhtani?
(a) The widow of Tolui and ruler of northern China and eastern Mongolia.
(b) The ruler of Mongolia.
(c) The ruler of Persia.
(d) The widow of Chaghatai and ruler of Asia and Turkestan.

8. Who was the highest-ranking European delegate at Toregene's gathering in 1246?
(a) Grand Prince Yaroslav II.
(b) His Highness Alexander Navsky.
(c) The Livonian Brothers.
(d) Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.

9. Who penned the first known encyclopedia of natural history, in France?
(a) Andrea Cesalpino.
(b) Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.
(c) Carolus Linnaeus.
(d) Comte de Buffon.

10. "It is reported, but impossible to verify, that no ____ was censored during Khubilai's reign?"
(a) Book.
(b) Work of art.
(c) Play.
(d) Speech.

11. Who wrote Decameron?
(a) Cardinal Basilios Bessarion.
(b) Poggio Bracciolini.
(c) Giovanni Boccaccio.
(d) Leon Battista Alberti.

12. Who was Shiremun?
(a) Ogodei's biggest rival.
(b) Ogodei's biggest critic.
(c) Ogodei's favorite grandson.
(d) Ogodei's favorite son.

13. How did Marco Polo describe the money in circulation under Khubilai?
(a) Mulberry bark in rectangular squares.
(b) Dried leaves stamped with insignia.
(c) Gold bullion.
(d) Silver bars.

14. Which faith did Ogodei fail to build a house for?
(a) Jewish.
(b) Muslim.
(c) Christian.
(d) Buddhist.

15. What did the Mongol women do while the men were on the battlefield?
(a) Traveled with the men.
(b) Kept the home.
(c) Drank with Ogodei.
(d) Managed the empire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a paiza?

2. What happened if a Mongol, under Khubilai, declared bankruptcy more than two times?

3. What year was Ogodei installed?

4. How many schools are recorded as being created during the reign of Khubilai Khan?

5. Out of approximately 500 plays from the Yuan dynasty, how many survive today?

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