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Jack Weatherford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which profession had to pay taxes under Genghis Khan?
(a) Merchants.
(b) Priests.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Teachers.

2. What is another name for a Spirit Banner?
(a) Sulde.
(b) Sultan.
(c) Walking Stick.
(d) Rain Stick.

3. Who had henchmen execute approximately thirty thousand Mongols in the 1930s?
(a) Hitler.
(b) The Pope.
(c) Stalin.
(d) Herbert Hoover.

4. What was the name Temujin chose for himself, after this important khuriltai?
(a) Temujin.
(b) Chinggis Khan.
(c) Genghis Khan.
(d) Ong Khan.

5. Who influenced Ong Khan's decision in 1203 to deny Temujin?
(a) Senggum.
(b) Jamuka.
(c) Jochi.
(d) Temujin.

6. Who, of historical import, was killed in the Nishapur revolt?
(a) Tokuchar.
(b) Cremona.
(c) Genghis Khan.
(d) Jamuka.

7. In the year 1203, Temujin wished to resolve his rivalry with Jamuka and clarify his position with Ong Khan by what means?
(a) Temujin asked Ong Khan to marry one of his daughters.
(b) Temujin offered one of his daughters to Ong Khan as a wife.
(c) Temujin gave Ong Khan a beautiful sable fur.
(d) Temujin asked Ong Khan to have the khan's daughter marry Temujin's son, Jochi.

8. How did Temujin and his nineteen men survive starvation on the muddy Lake Balujna?
(a) Mud.
(b) Roots and bugs.
(c) Boiled horseflesh.
(d) Boiled camel.

9. Where did Genghis Khan get the idea to write down his laws?
(a) Jamuka.
(b) The Kereyid.
(c) The Tatars.
(d) The Naiman.

10. Who fashioned the borders of Korea and India?
(a) The people of India.
(b) The Korean people.
(c) Europeans.
(d) The Mongols.

11. When there was no time to cook, how did Mongol soldiers prepare their meat?
(a) They put it under their saddles.
(b) They ate it raw.
(c) They dipped it in alcohol.
(d) They did not eat meat, only grains.

12. Where in the formation did Genghis Khan ride?
(a) In the center.
(b) To the left.
(c) In the back.
(d) To the right.

13. What year did Genghis Khan die?
(a) 1227.
(b) 1217.
(c) 1207.
(d) 1237.

14. At its height, how expansive was the Mongol Empire?
(a) Between 11 and 12 million square miles.
(b) 1 million yards.
(c) Approximatly 7 million square miles.
(d) Exactly 900,000 square miles.

15. After his third vow of brotherhood with Jamuka, what did Temujin do?
(a) Merge his family with Jamuka.
(b) Immediately overthrew Jamuka.
(c) Make an alliance with Jamuka, but remain in the mountains.
(d) Took one of Jamuka's wives as his own.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Temujin hide when he was raided by the Merkids?

2. What was Ong Khan doing as Temujin attacked him?

3. Resulting from this third vow of brotherhood with Jamuka, what did Temujin need to learn how to do?

4. What is a deel?

5. What year did the Jurched claim a new Golden Khan and demand the submission of Genghis Khan?

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