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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rises steeply during Awakening eras?
(a) Substance abuse.
(b) Homocides.
(c) Military enlistments.
(d) Birth rates.

2. What is a Civic's style of leadership?
(a) Pragmatic, cautious.
(b) Grand, expansive.
(c) Righteous, austere.
(d) Process fixated, pluralistic.

3. Which generation type was born from 1860-1882?
(a) Civics.
(b) Adaptives.
(c) Idealists.
(d) Reactives.

4. Which was not an Idealist lifecycle?
(a) Puritan.
(b) Missionary.
(c) Cavalier.
(d) Awakener.

5. Which was not an Reactive lifecycle?
(a) Lost.
(b) Gilded.
(c) Awakener.
(d) Liberty.

Short Answer Questions

1. The present day suburb of what city was the location for the Battle of Bull Run?

2. What generation type is elder during a Crisis era?

3. What is a Reactive's preoccupation in elderhood?

4. To which generation did Harry Truman belong?

5. What is an Civic's idea of God?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to academic grades during the Millennial Cycle?

2. What was the "settlement movement"?

3. What is the common obligation of each successive generation?

4. What was the 1950s image of the future?

5. What does this quote mean: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"?

6. What was the 13er generation's attitude toward domestic activity during the Millennial Cycle?

7. During the Great Power Cycle, what American holiday tradition was initiated?

8. What was the "New Nutrition" of the Great Power Cycle?

9. What are the time periods for the authors' predicted two future social moments?

10. What was the 13er generation's composition of families during the Millennial Cycle?

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