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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is age-determined participation in in epochal events that occur during a lifecycle?
(a) Age location.
(b) Peer personality.
(c) Constellation experiences.
(d) Comin-of-age experiences.

2. What were the dates for the Puritan Awakening?
(a) 1618-1639.
(b) 1621-1640.
(c) 1620-1641.
(d) 1619-1642.

3. What are the ages of youth?
(a) 0-12.
(b) 0-21.
(c) 0-16.
(d) 0-18.

4. Who said a generation "is born, lives, and dies"?
(a) Neil Howe.
(b) Guieseppe Ferrari.
(c) William Strauss.
(d) Walt Disney.

5. What element distinguishes a generation as a cohesive cohort-group with its own unique biography?
(a) Constellation.
(b) Lifecycle.
(c) Social moments.
(d) Peer personality.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which answer is not a biological phase of aging?

2. For which seventeen year period did the SAT scores decline?

3. Who is most likely to enlist if a war arises?

4. How many years were there from the End of Crisis to the End of Awakening in the Civil War cycle of American history?

5. Who wrote Exile's Return?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the two social moments of the Reformation Cycle?

2. How does Klingberg's periods of activity cycle differ from the authors' of the text?

3. What common milestones of life are explained in the book Passages?

4. Define cohort.

5. Define the word generation as the authors see it.

6. Who composed the European cohort-group of 1584-1614?

7. Define the fallacy of cohort-centrism.

8. How do the authors treat their analysis of the generations?

9. Describe Idealists in an awakening era.

10. How would the four different generational groups act if a war arose?

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