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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Harriet Tubman's nickname?
(a) Elijah.
(b) Jonah.
(c) John the Baptist.
(d) Moses.

2. What were the dates of the Missionary Awakening of the Great Power Cycle?
(a) 1884-1900.
(b) 1890-1905.
(c) 1885-1904.
(d) 1886-1903.

3. Who was not a Transcendental generation American President?
(a) Theodore Roosevelt.
(b) Franklin Pierce.
(c) James Polk.
(d) Millard Fillmore.

4. During the Millennial cycle, which generation made sweeping advances against childhood diseases?
(a) Boom.
(b) G.I.
(c) 13er.
(d) Silent.

5. Who was a "son of thunder"?
(a) Peter Oliver.
(b) George Whitefield.
(c) Samuel Dunbar.
(d) James Davenport.

6. Who was a prominent foreign peer of the Awakening Generation of the Revolutionary Cycle?
(a) John Wesley.
(b) Samson Occum.
(c) John Witherspoon.
(d) Roger Sherman.

7. What mood was evident in America from the late 1980s through the 1990s?
(a) Outer-Driven.
(b) Crisis.
(c) Inner-Driven.
(d) Awakening.

8. Which person believed in psychic phenomena?
(a) Mary Todd Lincoln.
(b) Mary Baker Eddy.
(c) Dorathea Dix.
(d) Cyrus McCormick.

9. Which was not an Adaptive lifecycle?
(a) Millennial.
(b) Compromise.
(c) Silent.
(d) Progressive.

10. Who was not a political leader of the Boom generation during the Millennial Cycle?
(a) William Bennett.
(b) Dan Quayle.
(c) Jesse Jackson.
(d) Bill Bradley.

11. What was the generation type for the Boom generation in the Millennial Cycle?
(a) Reactive.
(b) Idealist.
(c) Civic.
(d) Adaptive.

12. Who said "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"?
(a) John Quicny Adams.
(b) Charles Chauncy.
(c) Samuel Langston.
(d) William Prescott.

13. The present day suburb of what city was the location for the Battle of Bull Run?
(a) Baltimore, MD.
(b) Richburg, VA.
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) Lynchburg, VA.

14. Which generation of the Civil War Cycle were first to be delivered by doctors rather than midwives?
(a) Reactionaries.
(b) Transcendentals.
(c) Progressives.
(d) Gildeds.

15. Who was not a prominent foreign peer of the Lost generation of the Great Power Cycle?
(a) Charles Chaplin.
(b) Mao Zedong.
(c) Adolf Hitler.
(d) Albert Schweitzer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a Reactive's style of leadership?

2. Which generation was typically estranged from their fathers?

3. Which generation type was born from 1860-1882?

4. What is a Reactive's preoccupation in elderhood?

5. How many Boomer men saw combat in Vietnam?

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