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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one of the social moments of the Colonial Cycle?
(a) The Glorious Generation.
(b) The Glorious Revolution.
(c) The Enlightenment Revolution.
(d) The Enlightenment Generation.

2. What are the dates of the Armada Crisis?
(a) 1580-1588.
(b) 1579-1587.
(c) 1582-1590.
(d) 1581-1589.

3. How might a cataclysm affect a 70-year-old?
(a) He'd find it calming.
(b) He'd find it incomprehensible.
(c) He'd find it terrifying.
(d) He'd find it inspiring.

4. Who wrote Exile's Return?
(a) Jane Addams.
(b) Malcolm Cowley.
(c) Daniel Levinson.
(d) Ellen Lagemann.

5. Who said that America's foreign policy since 1776 has alternated between extroversion and introversion?
(a) Klingberg.
(b) Milton.
(c) Schlesinger.
(d) Overheiser.

6. How many G.I. Presidents were there?
(a) 9.
(b) 7.
(c) 6.
(d) 8.

7. What are the birth dates for the Reformation generation?
(a) 1480-1510.
(b) 1485-1515.
(c) 1482-1511.
(d) 1483-1509.

8. What element distinguishes a generation as a cohesive cohort-group with its own unique biography?
(a) Lifecycle.
(b) Social moments.
(c) Peer personality.
(d) Constellation.

9. In each constellation, what do the peer personalities each possess?
(a) Their own work ethic.
(b) Their own philosoplies.
(c) Their own morals.
(d) Their own mood.

10. What is a set of collective behavioral traits expressed throughout a generation's lifecycle?
(a) Newsreel behavior.
(b) Peer personaltity.
(c) Constellation attitude.
(d) Generations distinctives.

11. When this book was written, which Progressive Generation had disappeared entirely?
(a) F. Scoot Fitzgerald's.
(b) Woodrow Wilson's.
(c) Franklin d. Roosevelt's.
(d) Dwight Eisenhower's.

12. Who are coming of age in an inner-driven era?
(a) Reactives.
(b) Idealists.
(c) Adaptives.
(d) Civics.

13. What is true of cohort-membership?
(a) It is voluntary.
(b) It is age related.
(c) It chooses you.
(d) It is involuntary.

14. How many generations form a generational "constellation"?
(a) 4.
(b) 2.
(c) 5.
(d) 3.

15. What social moment began in the late 1960s and lasted through the 1970s?
(a) The Hippy Movement.
(b) The War on Drugs.
(c) The Consciousness Revolution.
(d) The Woodstock generation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Into what era did America move in the 1750s?

2. Which President regretted the fading memory of World War II?

3. Who was a rising-adult leader during the Great Depression-World War II crisis?

4. At what age does the book Passages suggest a midlife crisis?

5. What is it called when society focuses on changing the inner world of values and private behavior?

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