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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Beginning of History.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was a prominent foreign peer of the Awakening Generation of the Revolutionary Cycle?
(a) Samson Occum.
(b) John Wesley.
(c) Roger Sherman.
(d) John Witherspoon.

2. Which was not an Outer-Driven Era?
(a) Age of Enlightenment.
(b) Superpower America.
(c) Era of Good Feeling.
(d) Transcendental Era.

3. What were the birth years of the Idealist generation during the American Civil War cycle?
(a) 1860-1882.
(b) 1843-1859.
(c) 1822-1842.
(d) 1792-1821.

4. What is not a principal endowment of an Idealist generation?
(a) Religion.
(b) Principle.
(c) Liberty.
(d) Education.

5. When did New Age churches begin to rise?
(a) 1990s.
(b) 1980s.
(c) 1970s.
(d) 1960s.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which President regretted the fading memory of World War II?

2. What is not a principal endowment of a Civic generation?

3. What element distinguishes a generation as a cohesive cohort-group with its own unique biography?

4. The present day suburb of what city was the location for the Battle of Bull Run?

5. How many generations form a generational "constellation"?

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