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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through From Puritans to Millennials and Beyond.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who said a generation "is born, lives, and dies"?
(a) Neil Howe.
(b) William Strauss.
(c) Guieseppe Ferrari.
(d) Walt Disney.

2. Which President regretted the fading memory of World War II?
(a) Ronald Reagan.
(b) John Kennedy.
(c) Dwight Eisenhower.
(d) Richard Nixon.

3. Who said that America's foreign policy since 1776 has alternated between extroversion and introversion?
(a) Klingberg.
(b) Schlesinger.
(c) Milton.
(d) Overheiser.

4. Which type of generational child was suffocated and overprotected?
(a) Idealist.
(b) Adaptive.
(c) Civic.
(d) Reactive.

5. What year was the Apollo moon landing?
(a) 1968.
(b) 1969.
(c) 1967.
(d) 1970.

Short Answer Questions

1. For which seventeen year period did the SAT scores decline?

2. In each constellation, what do the peer personalities each possess?

3. What would an examination of cohort groups not be likely to predict?

4. Who was a rising-adult leader during the Great Depression-World War II crisis?

5. At what age does the book Passages suggest a midlife crisis?

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