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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through From Puritans to Millennials and Beyond.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reading vertically up any single column of Figure 2-2 demonstrates which fallacy?
(a) Intrinsic connection fallacy.
(b) Life-course fallacy.
(c) Intersecting fallacy.
(d) Age-bracket fallacy.

2. What is it called when society focuses on changing the inner world of values and private behavior?
(a) Secular crisis.
(b) Spiritual awakening.
(c) Consciousness Revolution.
(d) Social moment.

3. How do midlife generations tend to raise current generations?
(a) With little or no direction, letting the children raise themselves.
(b) In a manner opposite to that in which they themselves were raised.
(c) In the same manner in which they themselves were raised.
(d) According to the latest child rearing experts.

4. What does the German word kinderfeindlichkeit mean?
(a) Hostility towards children.
(b) Teaching young children.
(c) Abandoning children.
(d) Nurturing children.

5. What is it called when society focuses on reordering the outer world of institutions and public behavior?
(a) Secular crisis.
(b) Consciousness Revolution.
(c) Spiritual awakening.
(d) Social moment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sought to trace universal lifecycle trends in aptitude scores?

2. Who wrote Grown-ups?

3. Who wrote The Seasons of a Man's Life?

4. What is a cohort-group whose length approximates the span of a phase of life and whose boundaries are fixed by peer personality?

5. Who said a generation "is born, lives, and dies"?

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