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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Four-Part Cycle.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote The Seasons of a Man's Life?
(a) Gail Sheehy.
(b) Daniel Levinson.
(c) Erik Erikson.
(d) Cheryl Merser.

2. What is it called when society focuses on changing the inner world of values and private behavior?
(a) Consciousness Revolution.
(b) Spiritual awakening.
(c) Social moment.
(d) Secular crisis.

3. What year was the Apollo moon landing?
(a) 1968.
(b) 1970.
(c) 1969.
(d) 1967.

4. Who said, "You don't need to be shot down from the sky to know the world is a dangerous place"?
(a) John Kennedy.
(b) Jim Thompson.
(c) Micheal Dukakis.
(d) George Bush.

5. What is true of cohort-membership?
(a) It is voluntary.
(b) It chooses you.
(c) It is age related.
(d) It is involuntary.

Short Answer Questions

1. When this book was written, what age comprised America's most Republican leaning bracket?

2. The authors suggest looking at the American life cycle from what perspective?

3. How many G.I. Presidents were there?

4. What is affected by how students are taught?

5. Reading vertically up any single column of Figure 2-2 demonstrates which fallacy?

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