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Youth and Coming of Age

During this period of life from birth to age 21, children are dependent upon the generational type of their parents and grandparents.

Rising Adulthood

During this period of life roughly between ages 22-44, their cohort-group begins to be a force in the generational cycle, asserting their dominant peer personality.


During this period of life between 45 and 65, a generational group assumes leadership roles and begins to influence younger generations.


During this period of life from 65 until death, leadership roles are still assumed in some measure and a generation begins to look toward mentoring and leaving endowments for future generations.

Spiritual Awakening

Rebelling against the status quo, Idealists launch an aggressive push toward new values and ethical behavior during this generational cycle .

Secular Crisis

During this generational cycle, the nation faces a major military, economic, or environmental situation/crisis in which Idealists provide the...

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