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Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using names of people, places, or events mentioned in this book.


Split the class into two groups. Have each group make ten graduated Jeopardy questions for the first two chapters.

Categories will be People, Events, and Definitions. The groups will play Jeopardy.

What's in a name?

Take the last name of a person from the book and determine adjectives that describe that person using the letters of his last name. For instance, Washington might begin as W-worthy; A-articulate; S-Serious, etc.

Scrambled Words

Split the class into two or more groups. Each group will be given a separate category such as People's names, Events, or Definitions. Groups will choose fifteen examples of their categories and then scramble the letters. Groups will exchange scrambled lists and try to figure out what the words actually are.

Time Line

Make a time line of significant...

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