Generations Character Descriptions

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Idealists - Born as a secular crisis is ending and protected from the reality of the world by their parents, this group criticizes their elders, selfishly looking for spiritual self-discovery. In adulthood, they become the moral force of society, condemning behaviors and attitudes they once trumpeted as youth.

Reactives - Neglected as both children and seniors, this group raised themselves. They sought independence at an early age and became staunch risk-takers and unconventional artists, eventually becoming more pragmatic and focused on family. Those of this group prove to be excellent leaders and achieve great works in the business world.

Civics - Growing up after a spiritual awakening, this group focuses on cooperation, conformity, and community service with a view towards common goals and actions. As adults, they will build secular institutions, assuming leadership roles. Their senior years will continue to be active.

Adaptives - This group grew...

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