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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Scum of the Earth," Thompson detailed a feud between Jerry Falwell, Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson and who?
(a) Kieth Baker.
(b) Oral Roberts,
(c) James Williams.
(d) Jesse Jackson.

2. Who was Ronald Reagan meeting with in "Loose Cannon on the Deck?"
(a) The Polish President.
(b) The French President.
(c) Gorbachev.
(d) The Chinese Dictator.

3. Who claimed his wife was dying in "Doomed Love in the Rockies?"
(a) Tex.
(b) Shanti.
(c) Mark.
(d) Roger.

4. In "I Slit My Own Eyeballs," Thompson described _____ as a truly horrific month for politicians running for office.
(a) December.
(b) September.
(c) November.
(d) October.

5. Senator Daniel Inouye was a senator from where?
(a) Minnesota.
(b) Maine.
(c) Hawaii.
(d) Lousiana.

6. Who was the Secretary of State who was running for President in 1988?
(a) Al Gore.
(b) Bob Dole.
(c) Alexander Haig.
(d) Glen Beck.

7. Who did Thompson make a phone call to, in "The Death Ship?"
(a) Alexander Williams.
(b) Lowell Harrelson.
(c) James Skawinski.
(d) Andrew Jackson.

8. The Gary Hart scandal distracted the press from what?
(a) The Cold War.
(b) Watergate.
(c) Iran-Contra scandal.
(d) War in Iraq.

9. In "Caligula and the 7 Dwarfs," Thompson compared the implosion of Gary Hart's political career to what?
(a) A cesspool.
(b) "Casey at the Bat."
(c) A rainbow.
(d) A genie's lamp.

10. In "The Trickle-Down Theory," Thompson suggested there was a strong possibility Reagan would what?
(a) Have a heart attack.
(b) Be impeached.
(c) Be assassinated.
(d) Resign.

11. Who was the head of the CIA during the time the book was written?
(a) William Casey.
(b) Wiliam Meese.
(c) Andrew Casey.
(d) Ed Meese.

12. Thompson believed who would be forced to retire, in "The Year of the Pig?"
(a) Herbert Huncke.
(b) Henry Kissinger.
(c) Ronald Reagan.
(d) Ed Meese.

13. Who was the Secretary of State that Thompson addresses in "Letter to the President?"
(a) James Kennedy.
(b) James Stewart.
(c) James Baker.
(d) James Williams.

14. What was the home state of President Richard Nixon?
(a) Maine.
(b) Arizona.
(c) Washington.
(d) California.

15. Thompson believed that the Iran-Contra scandal would make what look like nothing in comparison, in "God Bless Colonel North?"
(a) WWI.
(b) Vietnam.
(c) WWII.
(d) Watergate.

Short Answer Questions

1. "The Weak in the Weird" is an analysis of whose presidential campaign?

2. What Democratic Senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee was a presidential nominee?

3. Thompson wrote that no press secretary had truly been good since either Pierre Salinger under Kennedy or who at the beginning of Reagan's first term?

4. Who won the 1987 Super Bowl?

5. What did Thompson attempt to blow up, in "Orgy of the Dead?"

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