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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who came to visit Thompson in "They All Drowned?"
(a) Skinner.
(b) Marie.
(c) Frank Mankiewicz.
(d) Ralph Steadman.

2. Where did Thompson live during the writing of Generation of Swine?
(a) Seattle, WA.
(b) Denver, CO.
(c) Woody Creek, CO.
(d) San Francisco, CA.

3. Which team was playing the Boston Celtics in "Four More Games?"
(a) Dallas Cowboys.
(b) Seattle Mariners.
(c) New Jersey Nets.
(d) Houston Rockets.

4. What was the Captain's name in "Salvage is Not Looting?"
(a) Crazy Bob.
(b) Elgin.
(c) Adam.
(d) Brady.

5. Who won the Superbowl in "Meat Sickness?"
(a) Chicago Bears.
(b) Dallas Cowboys.
(c) Seattle Mariners.
(d) New York Giants.

6. Who did Thompson say would be elected in 1988, at his lecture in "The Beast with Three Backs?"
(a) George Bush.
(b) Frank Zappa.
(c) Gary Hart.
(d) Richard Nixon.

7. In "Last Train from Chicago," Thompson met a man who claimed to be friends with whom?
(a) James Adams.
(b) President Reagan.
(c) John Madden.
(d) Richard Nixon.

8. "They Called Him Deep Throat" was split between a discussion of televangelist Pat Robertson and what Watergate conspirator?
(a) G. Gordon Liddy.
(b) Ed Meese.
(c) Ralph Steadman.
(d) Richard Nixon.

9. At what university was Thompson going to lecture in "The Beast with Three Backs?"
(a) Concordia University.
(b) New York University.
(c) Columbia University.
(d) Berkeley University.

10. Who called Thompson in "Apres Moi, le Deluge?"
(a) Skinner.
(b) Frank.
(c) Marco.
(d) CBS News.

11. Who approached Thompson, in "Slow Day at the Airport?"
(a) An off-duty pilot.
(b) An off-duty police officer.
(c) An off-duty detective.
(d) A drug officer.

12. Who did Thompson hope would go to South Africa with him, in "The Worst People in the World?"
(a) Farah Fawcett.
(b) Teri Fischer.
(c) Vanessa Williams.
(d) Jennifer Lee.

13. In "The Hellfire Club," Thompson compared politicians' and evangelists' affairs to British men in what century?
(a) 17th.
(b) 16th.
(c) 12th.
(d) 15th.

14. Thompson argues that for years the Chinese government had tried to eliminate what but failed, in "Down to a Sunless Sea?"
(a) Marijuana.
(b) Morphine.
(c) Opium.
(d) Heroin.

15. In "Deported to Malaysia," Thompson received a call from his attorney, who was attempting to save a ____ man from killing himself at a bar near the golf course.
(a) Canadian.
(b) Mexican.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Israeli.

Short Answer Questions

1. Thompson criticized Reagan's what, in "Welcome to the Tunnel?"

2. Who did Thompson bet against in the Chicago Bears game in "Meat Sickness?"

3. What work did Thompson say he has used more lines from than any other work?

4. Who did Thompson call in "The Woman from Kiev?"

5. In "Lester Maddox Lives," the Supreme Court refused to overturn which anti-sodomy law?

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