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Short Answer Questions

1. Butler says that which group can appropriate the idea of sexual difference?

2. Many feminists believe that one must develop which of the following?

3. Which is true, according to Foucault?

4. According to Butler, binary restrictions on sex are constructed to serve which of the following?

5. According to Butler, gender differentiates which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Herculine's arguments, how can sexual nonidentity be achieved?

2. What does Butler think about coalitions?

3. What is a consequence that Butler suggests results from the lack of clarity between distinctions?

4. What parameters does bisexuality lie outside?

5. Describe the disagreement between Kristeva, Lacan, and Butler.

6. What is Butler's main question in Gender Trouble?

7. What are Butler's goals regarding the topic of incest?

8. What are the effects of the counterexamples of well-defined concepts, such as a well-defined category of women?

9. How does Butler describe the process of construction?

10. Why does Lacan think women symbolize the phallus?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Butler suggests that gender can be undermined and controlled. Do you believe this is true?

Essay Topic 2

Describe female identity as Butler describes society as constructing it. Why does Butler see society's view of women as pertaining to male sexual desire? Does she support these arguments effectively?

Essay Topic 3

What is Butler's thesis in Gender Trouble? Describe the significance of Butler's thesis as well as how well she supports it. What elements of the thesis are weak? Which are strong?

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