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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Butler, gender differentiates which of the following?
(a) Constraints.
(b) Sexes.
(c) Bodies.
(d) Constructions.

2. Butler believed that the definition of what word should be permanently deferred?
(a) Sex.
(b) Woman.
(c) Gender.
(d) Sexuality.

3. According to Butler, gender is more an attribute than a what?
(a) Choice.
(b) Social construction.
(c) Substance.
(d) Societal mechanism.

4. To Butler, worry arises that the idea of which of the following has no meaning?
(a) Gender.
(b) Sex.
(c) Woman.
(d) Identity.

5. Butler describes feminists as often hoping for which of the following?
(a) Angry revolution.
(b) Poltiical revolution.
(c) Utopian revolution.
(d) Masculine revolution.

6. Butler warns not to use identity as which of the following?
(a) An excuse.
(b) A reason.
(c) A premise.
(d) A cause.

7. Without recourse to some idea of power, which does Butler believe cannot be achieved?
(a) Feminism.
(b) Society.
(c) Liberation.
(d) Power discourse.

8. According to Butler, what makes feminist discourse circular?
(a) Lack of constraint.
(b) Lack of societal mechanism.
(c) Lack of men.
(d) Lack of clarity.

9. Beauvoir thinks that masculine discourse is which of the following?
(a) Powerful.
(b) Circular.
(c) Fair.
(d) Bigoted.

10. What do Beauvoir and Irigaray disagree on?
(a) How gender asymmetry is generated.
(b) How gender is presumed to be the same as sex.
(c) How societal mechanisms create identity.
(d) How sexality is a societal construction.

11. What term does Butler use to describe all sexuality straying from social laws?
(a) Postgenital.
(b) Pregenital.
(c) Prefeminist.
(d) Postfeminist.

12. Butler describes construction as caught between which two elements?
(a) Science and religion.
(b) Destiny and fate.
(c) Society and self.
(d) Determinism and free will.

13. What is the first effect of counterexamples of well-defined concepts, as pointed out by Butler?
(a) Foundationalism results.
(b) Feminist politics strengthen.
(c) Obscures reality.
(d) Societal mechanisms result.

14. Some feminists believe that what is the cultural interpretation of sex?
(a) Construction.
(b) Identity.
(c) Gender.
(d) Society.

15. According to Butler, culture separation obscures which of the following?
(a) Revolution.
(b) Utopia.
(c) Identity.
(d) Difficulties.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following describes power structures as Butler sees them?

2. Gender can be constructed for political reasons to take which of the following actions, according to Gender Trouble?

3. According to Butler, binary restrictions on sex are constructed to serve which of the following?

4. Who does Butler describe as concerning themselves with cultural laws and roles in oppression?

5. Butler describes all sexuality as being constructed within which of the following?

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