Objects & Places from Geek Love

Katherine Dunn
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Binewski Fabulon Fairgrounds - This is the setting and stage for everything that happens in Oly's history.

Kearney Street House - This is where Oly resides from present-day until her death.

Thomas R. Lick Swimming Pool at the TAC Club - This is where Miss Mary Lick exercises each evening.

Arty's Tent - This setting was modified by Zephr McGurk to have a larger stage and vibrating seats.

Arty's Van - This item has a security door with one-way glass, permitting a security person - typically Oly - to stand nearby with a loaded gun in case there is any trouble.

Elly and Iphy's Van - This is where the twins move when they turn 18.

Portable Bathrooms (Schulzes) - This is where the twins hide all day on their fourteenth birthday while experiencing their first menstrual cycle.

Transcendental Maggot Tent - This is Norval Sanderson's contribution to...

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