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Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes upon Pomfret confessing his love to Harriet?

2. What is the age difference between Pomfret and Harriet?

3. Whom does Peter ask to try to identify the culprit?

4. What is the second gift that Harriet allows Peter to buy her?

5. Where does Peter eat dinner on Monday evening?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes the Warden to agree to seek professional help in solving the mystery?

2. What do the women discuss with Peter over coffee?

3. What does Peter say about the mystery when Harriet shows him her notes at the river?

4. Why does Miss de Vine have a heart attack?

5. Why does Harriet accuse Miss Hillyard of smashing her chess set?

6. Why does Peter not tell the Warden the name of his suspect?

7. Describe Peter and Pomfret's first and second meetings.

8. Why are the women nervous about Peter dining with them in Chapter 17?

9. Why does Harriet not return to Shrewsbury as soon as the Warden's maid calls her?

10. How do Peter and Harriet spend their day together after he returns from York?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Annie is obviously the culprit, but it could be said that she is driven to her crimes. Answer the following questions.

1) Why does Annie attack Miss de Vine?

2) Why does Annie attack the college?

3) Are Annie's actions understandable?

4) If you were in charge of dealing with Annie, what would you do?

Essay Topic 2

During the Gaudy Night, Harriet starts having feelings for Peter. Highlight four important events in their relationship during the book's time period and explain how they contribute to Harriet's accepting Peter's final proposal.

Essay Topic 3

The Senior Common Room is the setting for many significant meetings and conversations. Choose two of these occasions and explain their significance to the book.

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