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1. In Chapter 1, what are Harriet's emotions as she returns to Shrewsbury College?

In Chapter 1, Harriet is apprehensive about returning to Shrewsbury College. She has not been back since her graduation, and she is unsure how she will be received because of events in her past. At the same time, Harriet remembers her time at the college with fondness.

2. How have Harriet's classmates changed from when they graduated to when she saw them again at the unveiling of the clock?

Some of Harriet's classmates have changed a great deal. Harriet's friend Mary Stokes, who used to be pretty and popular, is now married and has done nothing important with her life. Other classmates, such as Phoebe Tucker, seem not to have changed at all.

3. In Chapter 2, what does Harriet talk about while having coffee with the Dean and her other classmates?

In Chapter 2, Harriet has coffee with the Dean and some classmates and answers questions concerning her writing and Lord Peter Wimsey. She defends the mystery books that she writes and gives a brief description of Lord Peter. The conversation then turns to other matters.

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