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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Goodwin not return at the beginning of the summer term?
(a) She has typhoid.
(b) Her husband just died.
(c) Her son is teething.
(d) Her son has measles.

2. Who comes upon Pomfret confessing his love to Harriet?
(a) Peter.
(b) The Dean.
(c) Padgett.
(d) The Proctor.

3. Harriet and the Dean discuss the absence of what in the malevolent notes?
(a) Grammar.
(b) Proper names.
(c) Misspellings.
(d) English.

4. Where is Annie found in Chapter 21?
(a) The coal-hole.
(b) Harriet's room.
(c) The river.
(d) The chapel.

5. Harriet suggests to the Dean that what be installed on the top of the walls?
(a) Barbed wire.
(b) Alarms.
(c) Cameras.
(d) Spikes.

Short Answer Questions

1. While having coffee after the Gaudy Dinner, who questions Harriet about the type of books she writes?

2. The next morning, whom does Harriet tell about the phone call?

3. What is stuck into the figure that Harriet finds hanging from the ceiling?

4. What happens to Shrewsbury College while the lights are out due to removed fuses?

5. Who attempts to punch Peter while Peter is playing the piano?

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