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Chapter 1-2

• Harriet Vane is a famous mystery writer who was once acquitted for a murder with the help of Lord Peter Wimsey.

• Harriet attends Gaudy (a class reunion) at Shrewsbury College at Oxford.

• Harriet joins her friend Mary Stokes for the reunion.

• Harriet talks to the Dean and many of her former classmates.

• Harriet attends the Gaudy dinner and is interrogated about Lord Peter Wimsey by Miss Schuster-Statt.

• After the dinner, Harriet goes to the Dean's for coffee, where she is asked about her writing and Lord Peter Wimsey.

• On the way back to her room, she finds a cruel drawing of a woman.

Chapters 3-4

• On Sunday, Harriet visits Miss Lydgate and runs into Miss Mollison and Miss Schuster-Statt.

• Harriet is forced to think about marriage and Lord Peter Wimsey even while at Oxford.

• Harriet finds a note calling her a murderess.

• Harriet analyzes her relationship...

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