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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dirty Red keep asking Charlie?

2. Who are the three funerals for?

3. What does Jack Marshall do every day?

4. Near the end of the final shoot-out, Charlie stands straight up in the field to go towards the tractor. How far does Charlie go before he is shot?

5. After the old men talk privately inside of Mathu's house, they call Mapes into the house. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Gil arrives at the crime scene, the deputy lets him through right away. Gil shakes hands with everyone, white and black. What does this say about Gil's history? How does Gil behave in the past? Do you think Gil ever does anything like his father, even when he is young? What do you think he is like in high school?

Essay Topic 2

How is Charlie a symbol of the bravery that all the old black men feel that day? Why does the old black men find the courage on this day to stand up and "do something different" on this day? Why do they never do it before? Why does Charlie find the courage on this day when he never has before? Think of all the stories told by all the old black men of their friends and relatives. What makes today different from the past?

Essay Topic 3

Miss Merle is waiting for a decade for the Major to notice her. She has her servant, Lucy, bake the Major a pie. These are two examples of how Miss Merle views her world. Give other examples of Miss Merle's behavior that indicates that she is old-fashioned and comfortable with the old ways of doing things. Discuss when Miss Merle shows her anger and fear at how the events of the day changes her world.

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