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Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets "winged"?

2. What is different about the way Yank hollers?

3. What does Candy do when she waves goodbye to the old men?

4. After the old men talk privately inside of Mathu's house, they call Mapes into the house. Why?

5. While Gil is talking to his father, who is sitting in Fix's lap?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Using the characters of Fix, Candy and Gil, put into perspective the concept of the past, present and future. Allow Fix to represent the past. Discuss his treatment of black people, as described in the story. Candy is the present. She is white, but is practically raised by Mathu, a black man, and Miss Merle, a white woman. How does this shape her story? What is her unique perspective of her world? Gil represents the future. His life looks very different from his father's. Why? What changes and shapes Gil's ideas about race? How do all of these characters change after the events in this story? What does the future look like to each character? How much do they each change?

Essay Topic 2

What is the reason for the character of Miss Bea? She is only in one chapter, but she introduces a very important plot point into the story. What is it? Why is it important for one of the owners of the plantation to talk about this point?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the odd friendship of Mapes and Mathu. How do they know each other? Why does Mapes always treat Mathu differently than he does other black men? After the events in the story, how do Mapes and Mathu interact? Are they still friends? Do they still hunt and fish together? Are their discussions different? The same?

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