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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Janey keep looking down toward the highway?
(a) Janey was looking for Mr. Lou.
(b) Janey was waiting for Miss Merle.
(c) Janey was looking for Fix.
(d) Janey was looking for the police.

2. Who carried his gun like a soldier?
(a) Clatoo.
(b) Chimley.
(c) Mat.
(d) Jacob.

3. Who was Tessie?
(a) Jacob's mother.
(b) A white woman who claimed she was raped by Jacob.
(c) Chimley's wife.
(d) Jacob's sister.

4. According to Chimley's story, who got in a fistfight with Fix?
(a) Candy.
(b) The sheriff.
(c) Mat.
(d) Mathu.

5. Why did Glo hang on to Clatoo's hand a little longer?
(a) She didn't walk well and needed help to stand to greet him.
(b) She wanted to pray with Clatoo.
(c) She was worried about Fix arriving and she was proud of all the old black men.
(d) She had once loved Clatoo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Snookum's grandmother?

2. Why did Snookum not get along with Reverend Jameson?

3. Why did Mat feel good about what they were doing?

4. What instructions did Candy give to Snookum about Mr. Lou?

5. What days did Mat and Chimley fish on the river?

Short Essay Questions

1. How can readers tell that Gram Mon is poor?

2. Why did Clatoo stop the truck before he got to Mathu's?

3. What was the significance of the argument between Mat and his wife?

4. Who were Salt and Pepper?

5. What is the significance of Janey scolding Snookum to call Candy "Miss Candy" and Lou "Mr. Lou?"

6. Why did Mathu look down on some of the men who came to help him?

7. Why did all the men shoot their guns once?

8. Why did Mat and Chimley wait before they took action?

9. Why did Jacob feel bad about the death of his sister Tessie when he had nothing to do with her murder?

10. What did Gil's coach want to tell Gill?

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