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Essay Topic 1

Light-skinned blacks vs. dark-skinned blacks. Explain what is happening in this story between the people who are light-skinned and the people who are dark-skinned. How did these prejudices begin?

Essay Topic 2

Relationships between white and black in this town in the Deep South. Explain the relationships between the black and white people in this town. Why didn't they change after slavery and after civil rights? Why is this town so far behind the times?

Essay Topic 3

Why were the old black men brave now but hadn't been before?

Essay Topic 4

What did the Cajuns come to symbolize to the black people on the river?

Essay Topic 5

How did Mapes change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?

Essay Topic 6

Why was Charlie's story of bravery so important to all the black men?

Essay Topic 7

How was Gil's life different from his...

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