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Short Answer Questions

1. What gift do Kira and Thomas give Matt in Chapter 10?

2. Who visits Kira after lunch on her first day in the Edifice?

3. Where does Kira's friend Matt live?

4. According to local law, who may be appointed to defend Kira?

5. What is Kira's job in the Edifice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What defense does Jamison give in Kira's trial?

2. Describe what is known about the character Jamison by the end of Chapter 4.

3. What is the significance of the bar of soap in Chapter 10?

4. How does Kira react to Matt's decision to join the hunt?

5. What are Kira's options for defense during the trial?

6. Describe Kira's home after she returns from the Field of Leaving.

7. Describe the customs surrounding death in Kira's society.

8. Describe Vandara's appearance and demeanor during the trial in Chapter 3.

9. What realization do Kira and Thomas come to about the beasts in Chapter 11?

10. Describe Kira's living quarters in the Edifice.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Kira's disability affect her status in society? What strength will she need to develop in order to survive in her village? What talents does Kira have and how can she use them for survival?

Essay Topic 2

Are the residents of the Edifice prisoners? How can an individual be imprisoned without bars or chains? What is the metallic sound Kira hears during the Gathering ceremony? How does her recognition of the sound affect her attitude towards the Guardians?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the importance of the color blue in the novel. Why is Kira searching for blue? Who has access to the plants that create blue dye? What does the color blue symbolize in the novel? How will its discovery affect Kira's character and her people?

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