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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Matt's mother react to her son's absence?
(a) She begs Thomas to find Matt.
(b) She is glad he is gone.
(c) She is mourning the loss of her son.
(d) She didn't know he was missing.

2. What is unusual about Christopher's village?
(a) It is populated by injured people from other villages.
(b) It is populated by artisans and keepers of history.
(c) It is protected by the beasts of the woods.
(d) Everyone, even the women, can read.

3. In Chapter 12, what thread does Kira wish she had?
(a) White thread.
(b) Silk thread.
(c) Blue thread.
(d) Purple thread.

4. What is the atmosphere in the Council Edifice as people gather for the singing of the Ruin song?
(a) Raucous and rowdy.
(b) Joyous and noisy.
(c) Filled with wailing and sadness.
(d) Solemn and respectful.

5. What is Matt's "big" gift for Kira in Chapter 21?
(a) A pot of blue dye.
(b) A bag of seeds.
(c) Annabella.
(d) Her father, Christopher.

6. What infirmity does the stranger waiting in Kira's room after the singing of the Ruin song have?
(a) Deafness.
(b) A mauled face.
(c) A crippled leg.
(d) Blindness.

7. At the beginning of Chapter 13, whose voice do Kira and her friends hear speaking harshly in the lower floor of the Edifice?
(a) Christopher's voice.
(b) Jamison's voice.
(c) Annabella's voice.
(d) An unknown man's voice.

8. Who/what does Kira ask about Matt's location?
(a) The embroidered scrap of cloth.
(b) Jamison.
(c) Jo.
(d) Thomas.

9. What comment does Marlena make about Jo?
(a) She is Jo's sister.
(b) Jo's parents had too many children to keep.
(c) Her songs were not only beautiful, but prophetic.
(d) She was born a prophet.

10. What does Thomas recall from his childhood in the Edifice?
(a) He was taught to read by a blind man.
(b) He never went outside the Edifice.
(c) He was taught to carve wood by a blind man.
(d) He was locked in his room when he was a little boy.

11. In the beginning of Chapter 17, how long has Matt been missing?
(a) A month.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Nine days.
(d) Two days.

12. What does Kira do while she waits for the storm in Chapter 12 to pass?
(a) Cleans the bathroom.
(b) Embroiders her mother's dress.
(c) Explores the Edifice with her friends.
(d) Works.

13. What is being constructed for Kira at the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) A place to grow and process the plants used in dye making.
(b) A new cott.
(c) A weaver's shed.
(d) A place to instruct the girls of the village.

14. How did Kira's father end up in the Field of Leaving?
(a) He was mauled by a beast and left for dead in the Field.
(b) He was attacked and dragged forcibly to the Field.
(c) He limped to the Field after being injured.
(d) He woke up in the Field after falling during a hunt.

15. After her visit to Jo in Chapter 16, what does Kira do once she is back in her own bed?
(a) Prays.
(b) Cries.
(c) Reads a book of history.
(d) Plans their escape.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the stranger in Chapter 21 find Kira's village?

2. Who has Kira not seen during her stay in the Edifice?

3. How will Kira know what to embroider on the blank patch of cloth?

4. What does Thomas finish in Chapter 18?

5. How does Thomas open the locks in the Edifice?

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