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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Christopher's village?
(a) It is populated by injured people from other villages.
(b) It is protected by the beasts of the woods.
(c) It is populated by artisans and keepers of history.
(d) Everyone, even the women, can read.

2. What about Jamison amazes Kira?
(a) His ability to write.
(b) His ability to read.
(c) His intense blue eyes.
(d) His speech.

3. What is worn during the singing of the Ruin Song?
(a) The singer's stole.
(b) The singer's hat.
(c) The singer's robe.
(d) The singer's cloak.

4. What title is Kira given during the Ruin song ceremony?
(a) The Weaver of the future.
(b) The Designer of the people.
(c) The Knitter of the past.
(d) The Robe-threader and designer of the future.

5. Why isn't Kira allowed to watch over Annabella's body in the Field of Leaving?
(a) Jamison tells her she will be tainted for the ceremony.
(b) She cannot travel outside the Edifice until after the Ruin Song.
(c) Matt is already in the Field watching over Annabella.
(d) Jamison tells her she doesn't have time to spare.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object is Kira commanded by the Council of Guardians to mend?

2. Which council member saw Kira's father die?

3. What has been brought to the Edifice from Annabella's cott?

4. What does Kira harvest from her mother's garden in Chapter 9?

5. What infirmity does the stranger waiting in Kira's room after the singing of the Ruin song have?

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