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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kira do when she is threatened by Vandara and the other women in Chapter 2?
(a) She runs and hides in Matt's cott.
(b) She claims her right to a hearing before the Council of Guardians.
(c) She hides in the Council Edifice.
(d) She fights back with a stone knife.

2. What does Kira intend to do with the stains on her mother's skirt?
(a) Embroider around them.
(b) Patch them.
(c) Bleach them.
(d) Wash them.

3. How does Kira learn the rituals of ceremony that are expected before the Council of Guardians?
(a) By watching similar events in the past.
(b) By reading about the rituals.
(c) By guessing.
(d) By listening to her mother.

4. What does Thomas recall from his childhood in the Edifice?
(a) He was locked in his room when he was a little boy.
(b) He was taught to read by a blind man.
(c) He was taught to carve wood by a blind man.
(d) He never went outside the Edifice.

5. In Chapter 4, what service does Jamison provide Kira?
(a) He gives her water.
(b) He provides her with lodging.
(c) He advises her defender.
(d) He serves as her defender.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some of the villagers want to build on Kira's property?

2. What warning does Jamison give Kira about traveling in the woods?

3. Who walks through a storm to visit Kira?

4. In Chapter 11, what frightens Kira as she walks to Annabella's house?

5. How does Thomas open the locks in the Edifice?

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