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Field of Leaving

In this place, villagers watch over their dead for four days, until the body's spirit departs.

The Fen

Crowded and unsanitary, this area is a dismal slum.

The Council Edifice

This structure is left over from the time before the Ruin and still has working plumbing.


This simple structure serves as a home.

Kira's Decorated Scrap of Cloth

This object features a unique needlepoint design and seems as if it has supernatural powers.

Thomas' Piece of Decorated Wood

This intricately carved object seems to have supernatural powers.

Thomas' Wooden Key

This hand-carved object opens any door in the building in which it was carved.

The Singer's Robe

This magnificent garment is designed to remind the people of their history and possibly foretell their future.

The Singer's Staff

This intricately carved object helps its bearer to keep track of the Ruin Song.

The Worship Object

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