Gathering Blue Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Kira - This character is a crippled orphan who is scorned by the other villagers.

Thomas the Carver - This character has extraordinary skill in woodworking.

Matt - This cheerful and mischievous character always travels with a dog.

Jamison - This character is a member of the Council of Guardians, but is most likely also a murderer.

Annabella - This character lives alone in the woods and is highly skilled in the arts of cloth and thread dying.

Katrina - This character died early in the story, but had been responsible for tending the Singer's robe.

Christopher - This character was reportedly killed while on a long hunt, but is discovered alive later in the story.

Vandara - This cruel and menacing character reportedly poisoned one of her own children.

Jo - This character has a beautiful singing voice and is slated to become the singer of...

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