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Chapter 1

• Kira is in the Field of Leaving, waiting for her mother's spirit to leave.

• The reader learns that Kira's father, Christopher, is presumed dead.

• Kira worries about her future as a disabled member of her society.
• Kira returns to her home to salvage anything not burned by the villagers.

• Kira meets her friend, Matt, along the way.

• Matt asks Kira about the Field of Leaving.

• Matt warns Kira that some of the villagers are planning to take her family's land.

Chapter 2

• Kira finds that most of her possessions have been destroyed.

• Kira discovers that her mother's garden is still intact.

• Kira discovers a stack of saplings used in building.

• Kira chases a woman out of her garden.
• Vandara attempts to drive Kira away.

• Vandara and the village women threaten Kira with rocks.

• Kira reminds Vandara that she has the right to a hearing before the Council of...

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