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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8: Thermopylae, Chapter 35 - 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stands to defend Athens during the Persian attack?
(a) Athens is defended by a small band of fanatics only.
(b) Athens is defended by the full Athenian legions.
(c) Athens is completely abandoned.
(d) Athens is defended by the Spartans.

2. What happens to Xeones when he is caught stealing?
(a) He is made to pay for what he stole.
(b) The farmers cut off his right hand.
(c) The farmers beat him severely.
(d) The farmers drive nails through his hands.

3. In Chapter 29, what does Xeones say is the only thing a man really wants?
(a) He says that all a man wants is to live.
(b) He says that all a man wants is to die with honor.
(c) He says that all a man wants is a good woman.
(d) He says that all a man wants is wealth.

4. Why does Leonidas keep the three hundred from getting new cloaks?
(a) He wants to wait until after the battle so he will not get cloaks for those who won't survive.
(b) He feels that it would be a waste of the city's resources to replace the cloaks of men who will not get to use them long.
(c) He feels that there is no time for the ceremony, and that he and his men must leave immediately.
(d) He wants to wait until after the battle so the new cloaks won't get torn and bloody.

5. What is oktonyktia?
(a) It is the final right of passage from boyhood to adult status.
(b) It is the armor and shield that each soldier must carry.
(c) It is the lake near Sparta.
(d) It is an eight-night training exercise.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two groups fight the first encounter?

2. How do the soldiers show their disfavor when Polynikes is scolding Alexandros?

3. How old is Xeones when he flees the destruction of his home?

4. What do the Spartans and their allies do when they see the Persians for the first time?

5. What is the reason that Xerxes comes to Greece?

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