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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8: Thermopylae, Chapter 35 - 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Chapter 2 opens, what does Xeones say that the word Thermopylae means?
(a) It is Greek for "hot gates".
(b) It is Greek for "spa".
(c) It is Greek for "hot springs".
(d) It is Egyptian profanity.

2. What is mothax?
(a) It is a golden metal awarded for valor.
(b) It is the highest title of honor for Spartans.
(c) It is the grade of warrior youths somewhere between full citizen and helot.
(d) It is freedom from taxes.

3. What do the Athenians call the high part of the city?
(a) They call it the royal compound.
(b) They call it The Mound.
(c) They call it The Great Hill.
(d) They call it the Acropolis.

4. What punishment is actually dealt out to Rooster?
(a) He is exiled and sent to the Persians.
(b) He is beaten with wooden rods.
(c) He is slain by the krypteia.
(d) He is absolved of his crime.

5. How does Leonidas appear to Xerxes in his dream?
(a) Xerxes sees Leonidas as he might have been as a child.
(b) Xerxes sees Leonidas as whole and alive once again.
(c) Xerxes sees Leonidas as a vengeful spirit, ready to haunt Xerxes or eternity.
(d) Xerxes sees Leonidas beheaded, with his body nailed to a tree and his head impaled on a spike.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Diomache feel that no man will want her?

2. Why is Xerxes having trouble sleeping?

3. What are the Spartan battle games designed for?

4. Who does Xeones list off as some of the members of the tent raiding party?

5. What kind of story does Xerxes want to hear in chapter one?

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