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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5: Polynikes, Chapter 20 - 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Spartans view war?
(a) The Spartans see war as the only way to peace.
(b) The Spartans see war as a terrible abomination.
(c) The Spartans see war to be simply work in the business of killing as many of the enemy as possible.
(d) The Spartans see war as a good form of population control.

2. What happens to the parents of Xeones?
(a) They are killed trying to defend their home.
(b) They also escape, but are separated and spend years searching for him.
(c) They escape with him.
(d) They are captured and sold into slavery.

3. Why do the Antirhions lose the battle?
(a) They allow fear to take control.
(b) They lack the advanced weaponry of the Spartans.
(c) They are far outnumbered by the Spartans.
(d) There are traitors in the line.

4. Why is Xerxes warned about the story of the Spartans?
(a) It contains much foul language.
(b) It is difficult to understand.
(c) It is false.
(d) It is long and boring.

5. For what is Xeones punished after the battle at Antirhion?
(a) He is punished for mouthing off to a superior officer.
(b) He is punished for following the army.
(c) He is punished for his recklessness on the field of battle.
(d) He is punished for not reporting in a timely fashion.

Short Answer Questions

1. After their return to Sparta, how does Alexandros tell Polynikes the battle made him feel?

2. As Chapter 2 opens, what does Xeones say that the word Thermopylae means?

3. Where does the Spartan king march and fight, relative to the rest of his army?

4. What can Xeones see toward the middle gate?

5. How does Arete convince the Peers to spare the child of Rooster?

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