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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5: Polynikes, Chapter 20 - 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the city-state where Xeones is from?
(a) Xeones is from a country farm in Akarnania, not a city-state.
(b) Xeones is from in Sparta.
(c) Xeones is from in Astakos.
(d) Xeones is from in Athens.

2. What does Polynikes do after dealing with Alexandros?
(a) He storms off the practice field in disgust.
(b) He puts all of the boys through the standard shield handling drills.
(c) He sends everyone home for the day.
(d) He reports the boy's failure to his superiors.

3. How many children does Xeones father?
(a) He has a son and a daughter.
(b) He has two sons.
(c) He has two daughters.
(d) He only has one child, a son.

4. What does the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tell the Athenians?
(a) Only with the Spartans may you defeat the enemy.
(b) The enemy will overrun and destroy you.
(c) The wooden wall alone shall not fail you.
(d) Fly to the corners of the earth.

5. Who is the Lady Arete asking about?
(a) She is asking about Rooster.
(b) She is asking about Leonidas.
(c) She is asking about Xeones.
(d) She is asking about Xerxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. If the krypteia have their way, how is Rooster to be punished for rejecting the offer?

2. What does Dienekes teach about fear?

3. What is othismos?

4. When does Darius of Persia die?

5. What do the Spartans do when they reach the field of battle?

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