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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: Rooster, Chapter 12 - 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dienekes initially resist marrying Lady Arete?
(a) Despite his deep love for her, his ethics stand in the way.
(b) He feels that she was the death of his brother, and wants nothing to do with her.
(c) He is already married.
(d) He does not love her.

2. What does Xeones become in the Spartan army?
(a) He becomes an archer.
(b) He becomes a spearman.
(c) He becomes a swordsman.
(d) He becomes a general.

3. Why does Xeones refuse to narrate anymore?
(a) He grows bored with the work.
(b) He finds out about the mutilation of king Leonidas' body.
(c) He learns that Xerxes is going to kill him after he completes his story.
(d) He realizes that telling Xerxes of Spartan warfare is treason.

4. How old is Xeones when he flees the destruction of his home?
(a) He is nine.
(b) He is in his middle teens.
(c) He is twelve.
(d) He is eighteen.

5. Who sacks the city-state that was the birthplace of Xeones?
(a) The Persians sack the city-state.
(b) The Spartans sack the city-state.
(c) The Argives sack the city-state.
(d) The Carthagians sack the city-state.

Short Answer Questions

1. After their return to Sparta, how does Alexandros tell Polynikes the battle made him feel?

2. What is panoplia?

3. What is othismos?

4. Where is Rooster's mother's city?

5. How old are Xeones and Diomache when they separate?

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