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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Alexandros, Chapter 8 - 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first time Xeones sees the Persian fleet, he meets an Egyptian. What was the Egyptian's name?
(a) His name was Ptammitechus.
(b) His name was Steve.
(c) His name was Agamemnon.
(d) His name was Tommie.

2. What does Polynikes do after dealing with Alexandros?
(a) He puts all of the boys through the standard shield handling drills.
(b) He sends everyone home for the day.
(c) He storms off the practice field in disgust.
(d) He reports the boy's failure to his superiors.

3. Why does Dienekes initially resist marrying Lady Arete?
(a) He is already married.
(b) Despite his deep love for her, his ethics stand in the way.
(c) He feels that she was the death of his brother, and wants nothing to do with her.
(d) He does not love her.

4. How are Spartan boys punished?
(a) They are given harsh labor assignments as punishment.
(b) They are starved for short periods of time and totally ignored.
(c) They are whipped with sticks.
(d) They are locked in small rooms, called hotboxes.

5. By what other name is Sparta called?
(a) Sparta is also called Lakedaemon.
(b) Sparta is also called Mount Oracle.
(c) Sparta is also called The Hot Gates.
(d) Sparta is also called Thermopylae.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dienekes' squire?

2. Why does Xeones go out into a snowstorm to freeze to death?

3. What does Polynikes do when he catches Alexandros handling his shield improperly?

4. Who were the first soldiers to arrive at Thermopylae?

5. Who is Xerxes?

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