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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7: Leonidas, Chapter 30 - 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of the speech Leonidas gives after this battle?
(a) He congratulates them on their great victory and releases them for a day to pillage the city.
(b) He berates them for their lack of courage and for their weakness.
(c) He thanks the survivors and honors the fallen, while refocusing their attention on the main battle to come.
(d) He congratulates them on the victory, and commends their behavior towards the prisoners.

2. What is the half helot's nickname?
(a) His nickname is Suicide.
(b) His nickname is Rooster.
(c) His nickname is Bob.
(d) His nickname is Dog.

3. How are Spartan boys punished?
(a) They are whipped with sticks.
(b) They are starved for short periods of time and totally ignored.
(c) They are given harsh labor assignments as punishment.
(d) They are locked in small rooms, called hotboxes.

4. What are the names of the two dogs that Xeones and Diomache find?
(a) The dogs are Leonidas and Xerxes.
(b) The dogs are Lucky and Bruno.
(c) The dogs are Bruno and Flanx.
(d) The dogs are Happy and Lucky.

5. What is the original total number of troops that would leave for Thermopylae?
(a) There are three thousand.
(b) There are three hundred.
(c) There are two million.
(d) There are twenty thousand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does agoge boua mean?

2. Who stands to defend Athens during the Persian attack?

3. Why does Leonidas keep the three hundred from getting new cloaks?

4. What oath does Alexandros swear the night of Rooster's trial?

5. Why does Xeones go out into a snowstorm to freeze to death?

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