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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5: Polynikes, Chapter 18 - 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many sons has Arete born Dienekes?
(a) They have had one son.
(b) They have had many sons.
(c) They have had three sons.
(d) They have had only daughters.

2. What happens to Xeones when he is caught stealing?
(a) He is made to pay for what he stole.
(b) The farmers cut off his right hand.
(c) The farmers drive nails through his hands.
(d) The farmers beat him severely.

3. Who is Xeones' sparring partner?
(a) Xerxes is Xeones' sparring partner.
(b) Polynikes is Xeones' sparring partner.
(c) Rooster is Xeones' sparring partner.
(d) Alexandros is Xeones' sparring partner.

4. What does the Oracle tell the Spartans?
(a) They will either lose a king, or the city will fall.
(b) They will lose a king, and then the city will fall.
(c) They will lose many soldiers, but they will win the fight.
(d) They will not lose a single officer, and the city will stand.

5. Where do Xeones and Diomache separate?
(a) They separate just before reaching Sparta.
(b) They separate when they reach Athens.
(c) They separate at a fork in the road called Three Corners.
(d) They separate at The Crossroads.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alexandros wants to go to battle with the older Spartans. Who tries to stop him?

2. Who does Diomache take with her?

3. What obstacle separates the two sides of the battleground?

4. What is panoplia?

5. Why does Dienekes initially resist marrying Lady Arete?

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